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Here we are in 2018! I hope it goes really well for whoever is reading this.

Since David and I are moving back closer into Sydney's hub, I have had - very sadly, tears did flow (mine) - to say goodbye to my participation as a singer in The Cobbitty Community Choir. Their Leader Jodie McGuren has asked me to continue writing for the choir  though, which pleases me no end and which I shall continue to do.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the choir - I adore singing harmony and often found myself singing the bass part as we only had one Guy - Warren, a Tenor. We often shared a part too. The main reason apart from the varied music we performed, including 1 of my own, "THIS CHRISTMAS DAY"  and rehearsed my "THE OWL & THE PUSSYCAT", which I hope they still will perform without me. This was the classic Edward Lear poem, to which I have written the music. Many others have as well - such a fantastic poem.

We have new beginnings with out move back to Sydney's beautiful harbour and surrounds and Sydney's fantastic beaches - north & south, the ol' stomping grounds. Looking forward to it!

Norma has been going through old newspaper clippings her mother had saved and came across this photo which was on the front page of The Sydney Morning Herald, December, 1961 the day after St. Clements Church of England Choir, which was a large one back then, had been asked to lead the crowd in Christmas Carols that year.
Norma was 14 years old and she's mid-left with the tassle hanging down over her ear.
My intrepid website designer Mike Meade has added a new section for me for all my videos. See the new button above VIDEOS
As I am now putting youtube clips of my own songs up one after the other we thought this was appropriate and easier for peeps to access.
As well, there are performances from my career as a singer starting from when I was just a teenager.

Remember I provide Lead Sheets free to any singers who would like to sing my song/s! 

Hope you like them! 

I'm pleased to report of three areas of my music about to happen in the coming months! I write songs in several styles as I love music in many styles and write both words & music. Down through the years I have also sung/performed in many different styles. It gives me pleasure to be involved in 3 of those diverse genres soon, not only as a writer but as a singer too.

Firstly, my Christmas Anthem "THIS CHRISTMAS DAY", is being rehearsed by The Cobbity Community Choir under the Direction of Jodie McGuren. This piece is to be performed on 18th December at their annual Christmas concert - as their big Finale! I have sung Contralto in 2 very strong choirs in my time - both here and in England and love choral music. This piece of mine is a joyous song of celebration and love for those of us who are Christians. We will be hoping to put video on youtube.

Secondly, I have been known to write the occasional Country song and I will actually be performing 2 or 3 of these at a friend's special party coming up in November. Another youtube possibility.

Thirdly, I have been asked to perform 2 original jazz songs on a short film soundtrack and these are to be recorded in November. The film is "VEOV DRIVE" by Filmaker Vittoria Merlino Dentice and the two songs will have been written and composed by Composer Maria  Alfonsine. I very excited and honoured to be a small part of this enterprise. I'm certain everyone will have the opportunity to see this small but wonderful movie.

Meantime, apart from an extensive trip overseas next year being planned, I am continuing to work on my Musical. NM.

The Musical Arrangement of Norma’s song EVERYDAY IS MOTHERS DAY is now also available on and under the heading Miscellaneous.
Included in the price for download is the Score, the Singer’s Lead Sheet, The Vocal Backup charts, the Lyric sheet, and Each Instrument’s music parts. The audio track is also separately available to download.

Fabulous News!!!

All Bandleaders please note!  
All the Big Band Musical Arrangements off Norma Martin BIG BANDIT! album
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I have included descriptions of each track in terms of the arrangement
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The Musical Archives page has had some 'new', old clips from Bandstand - check them out

Previously, Norma was delighted to learn that several of her performances on the iconic Australian TV Show “Bandstand” have been included on “Bandstand Vol. 4” 5 DVD Set now made available on the website

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Norma has had a wonderful reunion with Laurie Kennedy, the drummer from their pop group The Grape Escape. Laurie and his wife Pat came to visit after 46 years as they have now moved to the east coast of NSW here in Australia from Adelaide in South Australia. Amazing how those years have flown and that they have always kept in touch and now in the flesh! Laurie brought to the get-together a wonderful huge blown up photo of The Grape Escape which he has been looking after all these years and a couple of their 45’s – Norma’s turn now to be caretaker! smile

“Looking again at those old photos (see Gallery/The Grape Escape) one of the wonderful things about growing older, I believe, is the friendships you get to keep and treasure. Aging is not be something to be feared – it can be wonderful and endearing and something we can all participate in together – if you love and are loved for who you are as a person – the outer shell is a reflection of that which folks can see. Start mucking around with that and who knows where you are?! It’s sad to be that fearful about the shallow and the surface and it’s never-ending treadmill upon which you would step only to be increasingly fearful of coming off again? Who needs that pressure?! What you do is far more important that what you look like.

‘Seeing Laurie again comes after a reunion also with Brian Godden about 5 years ago when he came back from The U.S.A. and now lives in country NSW here in Oz, last I heard. This also was a heartfelt wonderful get-together which was so touching. I also hadn’t seen Brian all that time since The Grape Escape broke up. Emails mostly keep everyone in touch. The only other person from the group whom I haven’t seen since 1972 in London is Chris Bonett but we are in touch often – Facebook is marvellous also for keeping in touch across the world. smile

                                                                                                                 Norma. 1/10/13.

Norma is very pleased to announce that her CD LP and individual tracks of 
‘Norma Martin BIG BANDIT!’

able to download off
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Another exciting development is that all the Big Band Musical Arrangements
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so note all you singers and bands out there if you are looking for some
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Once you log on to jozzbeat you will be able to download for a fee - individual tracks,
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The whole CD + individual track downloads will also available through Jozzbeat as well.
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We will let you know on this website page and through Facebook and Twitter
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Norma Martin Big Bandit! CD Page soon to be started on Facebook -
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Norma has been delighted that wonderful and supreme veteran Australian Jazz Singer Sandie White
has chosen 6 of Norma’s songs to perform, starting with “Introduce Me To Your Friend”
and now a few days ago she has also included “Sand Dance For Two”.

Sandie’s already rehearsing the next one “Mister Slow Coach” before heading off to The U.S.A.
to visit with friends and appear there.

There has also been feedback from another reliable quarter that 2 little boys aged 5 and 3 years respectively nag their mother to put on her copy of “Norma Martin BIG BANDIT!”
every time they get in the car. They know every lyric of every song and sing along to all the bits –
like the “Hello! Hello!” in “Hello Blue Skies” – priceless!

Norma thrilled and very gratified to have such young fans – she hopes they will be quite a bit older before they understand some of the inferences however…Meanwhile she is thrilled she has been instrumental in turning on the boys to Big Band music! Norma was turned on to Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle Orchestral Arrangements at a very young age too – on their collaborative “Songs For Swingin’ Lovers” album. That’s when Norma knew she had to be a singer. That turned quickly into songwriter as well when she started writing songs about the same age – nine years old.

Norma says: “More children loving  the songs!
We just heard from a cousin that her grandchildren love singing along with the songs too!
‘Big Bandit!’  ‘Hello! Hello!’ …Hmmm….that  childrens Album idea of mine might be a go after all! J”

Norma’s Mothers Day Music for Everyday is available to download off iTunes or CD

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