Here are a few song samples which feature Norma Martin as Songwriter or Singer (or both)
featuring some early hits and performances

Just 5 of Norma’s many appearances on “Bandstand” as a member of “The Bandstand Family”.
NORMA SHIRLEE - "Don't Change" BandStand, 1968
Words & Music ©Norma Martin
NEIL SEDAKA, JUDY STONE & NORMA STONEMAN - "With A Little Help From My Friends" November 2, 1968
"Light My Fire"
November 2, 1968
"Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien"
Bandstand November 2, 1968
"Son of A Preacher Man"
Bandstand 1968
At 18 Norma Shirlee Stoneman was an integral part
of the successful 'Dave's Place' on ABC TV


    Norma also studied under Dave The Lydian Concept and Dave's music by colours. Norma wrote "Do" and "Don't Change" and others by originally following the Lydian concept.  

    Dave Guard was from U.S. folk group The Kingston Trio before relocating to Sydney. One of The Kingston trio's major hits was "Tom Dooley".

Here's a few direct links to some of the songs on
the Dave Guard and the Dave's Place Group website

1. Dave's Place Theme - Version Two

2. Just as An Eagle Stirreth Her Nest

3. Reza

4. Everybody Will Be Happy Over There

5. Come On Up In Glory

6. Que Bonita Bandera

7. Do you Know Him

8. Do Something For Yourself

The Grape Escape, were a Pop group which featured
Norma, Chris Bonett, Brian Godden and Laurie Kennedy. They signed to RCA Records,were based in Melbourne and achieved much recognition in their time together.
Here are samples of two of their singles.
Is Your Soul Drip Dry (written by© Chris Bonett)
Happier The Day (Written by© Brian Godden)


The Grape Escape (from left to right)
Laurie Kennedy (Drums & Percussion)
Chris Bonett (Bass & Vocals)
Norma Martin (Vocals & Keyboards)
Brian Godden (Guitar & Vocals)


Here are a couple of singles
Written and Sung by Norma Martin
from her days at RCA
Don't Change
Words and Music © Norma Martin
Words © Chris Bonett
Music © Norma Martin




Two Songs from Norma
 featuring solos from  Don Burrows on "Good Grief - It's The Twilighters/Christmas Special"
Frosty the Snowman
© Steve Nelson
The Cherry Tree Carol
(An ancient Christmas Carol)




Here are a couple of singles Sung by Norma
from her days in London when RCA

decided to call her "Casey Blake'
late '69/ early '70

     ‘Tell Me’ was the first Reggae recording ever released in The U.K.

check out this great Podcast

Tell Me
Words and Music © Kerr-Maitland

If Only For A Night (short sample)
Words and Music © Poinaris-Avadis


The Charade - David Cooper and Norma Stoneman
- Happy Soul 1976, on Mike Walsh Show

Words & Music ©Norma Martin
and musical arrangement David Cooper

(click 'play' and then ''full screen')

Words & Music ©Norma Martin


OH HOW WE LOVED YOU             Single 1990
Featuring Tom Ferris on Guitar on his Musical Arrangeme
Words & Music ©Norma Martin

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